Our Story

                                                             ​            Our Life together


It all started 11 years ago on E-Harmony.   We coresponded online by e-mail for a few months, talked over the phone and then decided to meet each other.  Our first date was at a local restaurant.   From the moment that we first met there was an instant connection between us.  We found out how much we had in common with each other, sharing the same interests, we both had similar values and goals in life.  We liked how we are both so close with our families. 


We continued to date and fell very much in love with one another.  Late 2005 Matt had proposed to me.  We were married 9 years ago and had a beautiful outdoor ceremony.  We invited 75 of our closest family and friends to our wedding.  It was truly the happiest day of our lives.  


We have a happy life together and share a special closeness with each other and our families.  We have always wanted to start a family for many years now.  Becoming parents means so much to us,  since we really love children.   We are looking forward to fulfilling our dreams of becoming parents through adoption.  If you select us to be your child's adoptive parents, we will be forever grateful to you.  Your child will be the center of our world and we will love your child unconditionally.  We promise to provide a happy, safe, stable, very loving and nurturing home for your child.