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we are Matt and Laura





We are a kind, caring & loving couple looking to adopt a baby. 

We offer a very loving, nurturing, safe and stable home.

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Hello, we are Matt and Laura from the suburbs of New York.  We are so excited that you are taking the time to look at our profile and get to know us.  We can't wait to get to know you, too!  We understand that choosing to make an adoption plan must be a very difficult and important desicion for you to decide to make. Your decision to make an adoption plan is a courageous and selfless act of love.  We hope that we can make the adoption process less stressful for you, by being here to lend you moral support every step of the way.  We also want to reassure you that your baby will be loved, protected and given a very nurturing home.  


We want more than anything in this world to start a family,  but things have not come easy for us. We lost two of our babies through miscarriages and went through several unsucessful fertility treatments.  We would be so grateful to you, if you were to select us to become your baby's adoptive parents.  


We feel that it's important that your child know their adoption story from a very early age.  We will be sure to let your child know that your decision was made with their best interest in mind and that you will always love them.  We would love to build a relationship with you, at a level in which you are comfortable with.  We would like to stay conneted through letters, pictures and visits over the years, if you are comfortable with this.  We want the relationship with you to be one that will bring you peace in your decision both now and in the future. 


We would like to thank you for taking the time to get to know us through our profile.  We are very excited to adopt and are looking forward to the day we can welcome a little one into our lives.  Our hearts and home are open to you and we welcome you and your child into our family.  We can't wait to speak with you and learn more about you and the adoption plan that you would like to make for your child.     



Please feel free to contact us on our toll free number at:

1-877-959-8265 or you can e-mail us at:  Wantingtoadoptababy@yahoo.com.



Love Always,

Matt and Laura